Want to improve your mental & physical well-being? Derek’s new app can help!

App Member Challenge coming in January 2021!

If you’re wondering whether my App can help you, the answer is clearly, “Yes, 100%!” This year has presented all of my clients with coping methods that aren’t the healthiest. With the new year just ahead, let’s be honest and gentle with ourselves about the reality of where we are.

Have you gained excess weight during this pandemic? Are you eating unhealthy foods and feeling terrible later? Are you stressed out? Are you drinking too much alcohol these days? How’s your energy? Are you sleeping poorly?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are certainly not alone.

But there’s a solution to get back on track with my App-based program that syncs with your health devices and help you track all elements of your wellness journey. It’s time to hold yourself accountable to the “why” you are where you are and to give yourself grace to understand what changes you need to make so you can be your healthiest you!

If you’re already on a roll with your wellness routine, his App will help motivate you to stay that way!

There’s no better day than this one to kickstart your healthy lifestyle journey!

– Derek


  • An easy-to-use App offering Derek’s custom nutrition and wellness guidance
  • At your nutrition sessions with Derek, he can log in and see what you’ve been up to and make tailored recommendations on your progress!
  • 28 days of meal plans
  • Simple and healthy recipes
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Personalized wellness goal setting
  • Tracks sleep, exercise, diet, stress, vitals and more
  • Syncs with wearable technologies including Apple Health, FitBit, Oura Ring and Whoop band
  • Virtual App support
  • Personalized results report sent to you weekly
  • Private Facebook DJN support group (coming soon)

Membership Fees:

  • Free to sign-up & first month is free
  • Monthly membership is $9.99 after that
  • Purchase the DJN Annual Membership and receive 10% off