Nutrition Consulting

One size fits all is not the case when it comes to your health. You were uniquely designed and deserve to be treated as such. Derek’s unique approach to nutrition science and wellness is applied to your specific body, lifestyle, medical status and goals. He believes strongly in the “test, don’t guess” theory because it works.


Why haven’t you been able to lose weight? How come you’re always bloated? Why do you want to fall asleep at 3pm? The list of questions goes on and on. The missing element that can uncover these answers is Derek. He is relentless in his mission to uncover what’s happening with you and how can he help you heal and more importantly, thrive.

If you are ready to commit to helping yourself – Derek is the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s taken a long time to feel like you do – if you’re ready to truly change your life, the investment is worth it.



Derek Johnson’s style of speaking is both engaging and educational. He tailors his sessions for the audience and per a company’s primary directive for having him present. His wealth of knowledge in the realm of nutrition science affords companies a wide-range of topics to encourage employees to maintain a healthier lifestyle at work and at home.


Along with presentations, Derek has also provided companies with custom wellness programs, ongoing lecture series development as well as wellness team and individual challenges in order to further engage and motivate employees. A healthy person is often a happier and more productive employee on-site.


DJN Supplements

Innovative holistic health products designed to optimize your body & your life.


Derek Johnson is an integrative and holistic nutritionist who is passionate about utilizing nutrition science to help people across the country to live healthier, happier lives.

Virtual Consults always available!

Experience amazing one-on-one virtual consults with Derek from anywhere you happen to be! Sessions are held via ZOOM video conference.