Lindy - Photo

“I can’t say enough great things about Derek Johnson and how he has helped me over the past years with my migraines and my health in general. I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for the past years. I tried every medication and treatment available for migraines, and even though I finally find one that worked, I didn’t want to be dependent on heavy meds on a daily basis, so I decided to consult with Derek for other options.

He was thorough in his questions to me, and from my answers, he determined that a lot of my migraines were probably caused by my food diet. He then designed a food program and a daily supplement plan, plus he had me keep a food journal every day, so that he could determine my migraine triggers. Derek also encouraged and helped me to begin a regular exercise program and to get 8 hours of sound sleep each night.

I can honestly say that since Derek has been working with me, my migraines have reduced significantly. At 71 years old, I feel really good about my overall health, which gives me peace of mind every day. Thank you so much Derek!”

– Lindy F.
Client since 2000